Selva is celebrating 50 years

Join us as we celebrate Selva's 50th!

Join us as we celebrate Selva's 50th!

Join Philippe Selva and celebrate 50 years in business

2018 is an important year for Selva, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation.It is a goal that highlights the DNA of a company as a dynamic force with a strong identity, and a deep, longstanding knowledge of the world of Interior Design that enables it to respond to contemporary esthetics in an exciting interplay of projects and ideas.

Selva started life as a leading company for Interior Design on the German market, but its visionary propensity quickly brought it to
the attention of the international market, where it was able to express itself in the most innovative and sophisticated ways. Thanks to the creation of its luxury brand, Philipp Selva, the company’s exceptional design and executive ability became a cosmopolitan taste in which the future is now. A new concept in
total living and luxury in which design takes on human proportions, introducing new products, new materials and fabrics, new chromatics. It is a project that involves Selva on every level, creating absolute harmony and expressing in new ways the principle of refined, lasting beauty.

Selva has grown over the years, while maintaining its uniqueness, reflecting the lifestyles of the contemporary world and adapting the basic product lines according to the needs and demands of the consumers, making excellence its badge of distinction.

Friday, April 13th, 4:00PM-7:00PM

@ 525 N Wrenn Bldg

Introducing 525's Manufacturers

525 N. Wrenn Bldg

525 N. Wrenn Bldg

You are elevated by the company you keep. 

It's true. The companies that make up the family of vendors at 525 N Wrenn are just that - the best of the best. Each brings a unique set of creative skill in the pieces they craft. Every one of these companies can execute your design vision the precise detail your project requires. Learn about these wonderful companies and come in and see us!

Tomlinson Companies takes the best craftsmen, the best material, the best engineering, the best design & creates the best furniture for the best customers in the world.

Selva is the total living luxury concept with a line of elegant and refined furniture with a cosmopolitan feel. It is not a collection but a lifestyle concept, which is the protagonist of the most exclusive spaces; a concept that expresses through its products the sophisticated and perfectly balanced taste of deeply rooted craftsmanship, backed by almost 50 years of experience, always in step with a continuously evolving market. Continuous research is one of the strong points of Philipp Selva, which distinguishes itself thanks to a unique concept that lends a discreet total living luxury mood to all spaces.

Parish Co Parish Co was founded in 2014 as a realization of the shared dream of our studio team. Having been disenchanted by the production model of larger operations, we looked back to what initially inspired us to create furniture; the love of the craft and the culture of collaboration.

ST2 Furniture is proudly designed and made in the USA. Scott Thomas Hamed created the ST2 brand building custom made furniture.  Whether classic or modern, ST2 can customize or create unique furniture and cabinetry for your home or project. Our custom capabilities and US manufacturing are strategic advantages that make us well suited for contract and hospitality.  Scott is a recipient of the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle award.

Amadi Carpets, for three generations the Ahmadi faimly has been weaving, desiging, and selling hand-made rugs to customers throughout the world. we pride ourselves on our craftmanship, designs, and our ability to customize and adapt to our client's ever changing needs.

The Charles Harold Company is a collection of artwork representing a return to the simple concept of appreciating the aesthetic of art. Through a unique color palette and strong composition, a statement can be made independent of confrontational subjects and conceptual materials.

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Welcome to 525 N Wrenn!


We are really excited to introduce the 525 N. Wrenn Bldg - a premier destination for any designer sourcing in High Point. The family of vendors that we have gathered is second to none. The importance of each of these manufacturers to your projects is the fact that each company has always worked with designers. 

We welcome you to visit us during High Point Market. Stay tuned for more from each of these incredible companies!