Over 100 years perfecting comfort


It's true, it all began in 1901. We have incredible talent that builds each piece by hand, executing your vision. Those years and provided the opportunity to perfectly engineer comfort. Some say we have the best seat in the industry - we like to think so. We have been working with designers for decades, and we'd love to work with you.


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A vision deeply rooted in the traditions of Verona, in its all Italian excellence and in the creative genius it possesses: Selva has always displayed an added value, its great passion for interior design, seen not only as furnishing and arrangement but also in the conceptual terms of tomorrow’s design thinking.



The love of the craft and the culture of collaboration.


We conceived a cooperative studio workshop, each partner bringing their expertise to a project with an eye to the shared goal; creating honest furniture of the highest quality. We don’t attach ourselves to a particular style or aesthetic but rather allow the designer to interpret our form to their own use. We craft each piece with a timeless precision allowing them to become generational heirlooms.

Our market position affords us the ability to individually focus on each project coming through our doors from conception through to delivery. Each step of development and construction is treated with the utmost integrity towards the vision and expectations of our client. Our success lies in the inspiration and loyalty of the design professionals who inspire us.



Designed and made in the USA


Building custom furniture while offering an array of imaginative and stylized products featuring adverse range of materials and construction.  Solid hard woods, exotic veneers, textured surfaces, acrylic, and a variety of metals combine to create infinite possibilities.

ASFD Pinnacle Award for design excellence.


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Empowering through Weaving


For three generations the Ahmadi faimly has been weaving, designing, and selling hand-made rugs to customers throughout the world. we pride ourselves on our craftmanship, designs, and our ability to customize and adapt to our client's ever changing needs.



Emerging Artists



Charles Harold Company artwork represents a return to the simple concept of appreciating the aesthetic of art. Through a unique color palette and strong composition, a statement can be made independent of confrontational subjects and conceptual materials.

Chuck Marksberry founded Charles Harold Company in order to feature a unique group of artists he discovered and mentored. In addition to the group of Charles Harold Company artists, the gallery is showing emerging artists in various media.
The company works extensively with private collectors, interior designers, and galleries. 


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